Gina Duci

"I believe in saying Yes to the things that terrify you. You'll never know unless you try, and you don't want to regret not going for it. Stay open. Stay positive. Stay motivated. And trust your path."

"Oh hello! It’s nice to finally meet you.
We signed contracts before we were born and were meant to be right here, right now
.” At least, that’s what my favorite performance professor said to me the first day of class sophomore year at Penn State. These were words of inspiration; the thought of having a purpose and the universe leading you on a path to that purpose. 

If you don’t know me, my name is Gina. Also known as “G”,  “Gina D.”, “Duci”, “Dooch”, “Dizzydooch”, and for those who struggle to pronounce my name, “Duck-I”.  I am a vibrant, boisterous, loving, passionate, strong, stubborn, funny, fearless and joyful dancing peanut! I assume since I was always called a peanut, this sparked my obsession of loving anything peanut butter flavored. I am a native New Yorker who likes to be best friends with tall people so I can always get things off the top shelf. 

I started dancing when I was 2 years old, performed in my first musical at age 7, choreographed my first number for a benefit concert when I was 13 and choreographed my first musical at 14. In High School I realized that I was not going to grow out of my peanut physique and followed the advice of my Broadway gypsy mentor to exit ballet school. I realized my firecracker personality was better suited for theatre and performing but was unaware of how difficult commuting to the big apple everyday for training would be. 

I was lucky to have parents who encouraged me, saw my talents and were artists in their own way. Between my mothers design eye and my fathers carpenter skills, together they gave me the best gift a teenager with a dream could ask for; my very own dance studio in our basement. I spent most of my HS years creating choreography and teaching routines to the neighborhood gals in that basement. 

I've always had a strong desire to tell stories. It’s crazy to think that 15+ years later, I am still creating and sharing my ideas to friends and artists I’ve met along the way. The only difference is my neighborhood is now NYC; the city of dreams. I signed a contract with this city when I was born and I am right here, right now. This was the dream and I can happily say that I am living it! (Minus my penguin. I really want a penguin.)



Gina joins the creative team for Norwegian Cruise Line’s show ¡Havana! conceived and created by Warren Carlyle as an assistant choreographer. She will be working on this show on both the Norwegian BLISS (Sept/Oct) and the Norwegian JADE (Oct/Nov)

The Cadaver Synod

Last Summer Gina choreographed the NYMF musical The Cadaver Synod: A Pope Musical. For more information visit NYMF.


Stay tuned for the newest installment of STRIVING, a video series Gina co-produced with UnReel Films and Jeff Nunez exploring the stories of NYC artists through movement and dance.

Another standout is Gina Duci as Morales, the young student who once felt "Nothing" when asked to do some improvisations by her acting teacher. What makes Duci extraordinary is that she makes the role her own, not borrowing a whit of original caster Priscilla Lopez's interpretation. She also has a wondrous "Hey world, here I am!" feeling about her. Over the years, many have pointed out that while most 'A Chorus Line' cast members get one song at best, Morales gets two - the aforementioned 'Nothing' and the show's big hit, "What I Did for Love." In the production, Duci makes us glad Morales does. - The Star Ledger
One of the better actors in the troupe is Gina Duci as Diana the bullied Puerto Rican who sings the heart-breaking 'Nothing.' Duci is able to not only telegraph her pain but cause the audience to share it. She brings so many levels to play and doesn't rely on over-shooting vocally or physically to get her point across. - Post-Cresent
Gina Duci as Diana was a triple threat in acting her segment about 'Nothing' and a beautiful lead on 'What I Did for Love' along with strong dancing throughout. - Cerritos Ink
Gina Duci as Diana. She was very definitely the standout of the company. She had personality, energy and sang both her numbers fantastically, She's the best Diana I've ever seen yet. - Huskcharmer
Duci, in particular, makes the acting school dropout her own. She's charming, she's funny and she's very, very talented. - Souix City


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